Orange n Blue - The Sentinel

The Sentinel

Orange n Blue

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Orange n Blue - The Sentinel

The Sentinel
Sci-Fi inspired & dramatic in it's introduction with
eerie movement & powerful soundscapes taking centre stage really
building the mood & tension for over 2 minutes before a no nonsense
killer amen drops into the picture...this is an epic rolling amen tune
that is rough, rolling & deep all at the same time.

Purple waters
Purple waters comes from tranquil beginnings with the sound of flowing
water fused with a hypnotic electronic melodies, sci-fi soundscapes
minimal growling bass & old school very effective breaks- think old
school Dj trace style!
The electronic melodies keep the mind in an almost hypnotic state
while the beats roll in a militant way. A Great breakdown to really
empathize all the clever melodies & details really pulls this tune
together for a breather before pulling you back down
earlier track from Orange n Blue destined to be a classic.


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  1. The Sentinel
  2. Purple Waters