Savvas - Echo Realm

Echo Realm


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Savvas - Echo Realm

The 12th instalment from Within comes courtesy of Chicago born Greek based Savvas in the form of his Echo Realm EP.

Deep emotive & grooving this is house music in no hurry to get to the destination...chilled but warm & sonically rich.

Fleeting reflection is the dubbed out trippy 4/4 affair definitely a nice spaced out production that sounds like summer :)

Aural imbalance on remix duties & he delivers a slightly more uptempo version in his signature atmospheric style....a blissed out trip :)

A fine debut from Savvas on Within.


Serve chilled, the title track to this wonderful EP by Savvas features lovely dreamy snyths with a Angelo Badalamenti feel to them, the whole track has a retro 80s house feel to it, lovely chugging beats and a breakdown that will melt you like butter, ‘Fleeting reflection’ is more upbeat with haunting pads and Aural Imbalance goes in deep and proggy with a warm and melodic remix of ‘Echo Realm’


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  1. Echo Realm
  2. Echo Realm (Aural Imbalance Remix)
  3. Fleeting Reflection