Tidal - Blue Hours

Blue Hours


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Tidal - Blue Hours

We've been fans of Tidal's music since first hearing his early debut release many years back on Cintamani. Blue Hours is Wayne Hay's aka Tidal's Debut for Cadence Recordings & it's a beauty. Tidal creates a unique & layered deep astral soundscape made up of beautiful melodies that float around delicate subtle emotive female vocals & a distant melodic Spanish guitars. This is rich in musicality & is carried by Tidal's infamous sharp clean & punchy drum programming. Here Tidal has arrived in style & is stepping things up whilst going in right at the deep end!

Simon Huxtable aka Aural Imbalance makes great use of all the original elements & reworks things with his uber chill signature sound, taking blue hours to even more ambient territories as he submerses the listener into a floating stream of cosmic bliss with an infectious bass groove that keeps thing moving nicely.

Mexico's rising talent Rodrigo Alvarez aka Rainforest adds his finishing touches to the ep & reworks blue hours in fine style with his rolling jungle breaks & art core take on things he creates a remix that has a timeless quality & yet a vintage 90's feel.

Welcome Tidal ! A great release to start 2014.


Newurbanera review

Tidal makes his debut on Cadence Recordings with ‘Blue Hours’, a rich subtle soundscape structured round some incredible drums, dream like and emotive with gentle vocals and licks of Spanish guitar in the background, Mexico’s Rainforest goes for that timeless 90′s inspired sound and does it to perfection while Aural Imbalance takes things down a slower tempo drumfunk route with hints of 80′s house and ambeint bleeps for the most dreamlike sounding version of the three versions, as always with Cadence, its a joy to listen to and carries that signature greatness we know the label for.


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  1. Blue Hours
  2. Blue Hours (Aural Imbalance Rewire)
  3. Blue Hours (Rainforest Rewire)