Blok One & Rainforest - Balcony View

Balcony View

Blok One & Rainforest

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Blok One & Rainforest - Balcony View

Mexico based Blok one & Rainforest deliver the goods for their debut EP release an on Cadence.

Balcony View EP consists of four original tracks & an extra rework from Aural Imbalance. 

When we first heard these tracks at Cadence HQ we were instantly impressed. Rodrigo Alvarez delivers diversity style & musicality. Composing beautiful atmospheres & intricate art core breaks. Each track has an originality that has to be heard to be felt & understood.

Balcony view 

Uplifting, with deep pads & use of melodic piano to help create the atmosphere ready for the rolling beat work out. a healthy tempo takes charge for the dance floors with big bass & art core drum patterns & female vocal snippets panning in & out …this ones heavy! 

Sighs in the gloom 

A lazy down tempo melancholic excursion reminiscent almost to 4 hero with its warm laid back double baselines & organic vibe which casually rolls into a drum n bass working with rolling breaks. 


Clean & stylized this deep excursion into drum n bass has loads of amazing sounds & melodies a view at the world through the eyes & ears of Blok One Rainforest.


Warm Gentle & energetic all at once…this is all about the piano keys & deep sub bass moving along in & out of each others path effortlessly, a perfect track to accompany a 6am sunrise.

Delusional - Aural Imbalance deep delusion rework

Simon goes deep on this one creating an interesting rework of delusional with haunting sounds & classic warm pads from the original. This is a great extra track taking the listener on a dubby down tempo drum n bass trip…almost challenging the listener to know what genre it is. Deep & spacey is once again the flavor of the day.


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  1. Balcony View
  2. Sighs In the Gloom
  3. Delusional
  4. 6 AM
  5. Delusional (Aural Imbalance Deep Delusion Rework)