Orange n Blue - The Visitors

The Visitors

Orange n Blue

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Orange n Blue - The Visitors

A stelar two track release from Orange n Blue

The Visitors:

Orange & Blue sets the scene with an epic deep space voyage making great use of live NASA recordings, melodic nuances and shiny percussion to create an intense yet drifty space for more than a 3 half min intro before a few sub sonic bass booms change the energy before releasing a rolling break that brings that essential ambient – Dance floor bridge.
This could quite easily be the unofficial soundtrack to the much discussed moon landing.
100% drum n space

Tidal Movement pt 2

The sound of Waves, deep pads shiny keys & sci-fi elements bring this tune straight to your attention...quickly picked up to the next level with a clean old school rolling break a heavy sub bass & intergalactic strings for deep musical communication making this a welcome return from both Orange n Blue & Cadence.


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  1. Orange n Blue - The Visitors
  2. Orange n Blue - Tidal Movement, Pt. 2