Rainforest - Life on Earth

Life on Earth


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CD Album 11 tracks Out 31 March 2017 7.99
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Rainforest - Life on Earth

Rodrigo Alvarez aka Rainforest is our brother based in Mexico..he's not new to Movementinsound and has had several very well received EP's via our drum n bass label Cadence. This time Rainforest returns to true to form with his new album " Life on Earth'. An album of electronic expression..seamlessly moving through the genres downtempo , dub , breaks and artcore inspired golden era drum & bass.

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Rainforest is known primarily for his DnB productions. This time, the Mexican beatsmith offers up a full LP of DnB, Downtempo Breaks and Dub influenced soundscapes. Its a case of which pearl to pick first from this ocean of tranquil beats. Maybe you could try on the stripped back aquatic grooves of ‘Arrivals’ full of swirling flamenco guitar licks and gentle percussion. From tranquil water we move to warmer deeper parts of the sea with the dubby ethereal jungle fusion ‘Bay Tempo’

‘Black Ocean’ switches into full on classic intelligent Jungle mode a la PFM, Bukem et al. ‘Coyoaca╠ün’ swims in the direction of Detroit for a futuristic minimal sound wall. ‘Earth From Above’ dives deep into the coral reef combining subtle synths with a deep throbbing bassline, light meets dark but more sophisticated than that simple metaphor. ‘Garden Of Souls Pt 1′ treads a line between mellow and slightly sinister while Pt II slips into some intricate organic instrumentation and drumfunk style breaks. We get jazzy and downtempo with ‘Hostel Alley’ before sailing to the Middle East for the melancholic haze of ‘Lyla & Saleem’.

Every Jungle/DnB LP needs a pure amen break track which is supplied here in the form of ‘Mothership’. And for your morning dip into the sun soaked waters, ‘Silent Horizon’ will put the wind in your sail with its light playful DnB beats.’Life On Earth’ is always good when Rainforest’s beats are on the speakers…



CD Album (MIS003CD)
  1. Rainforest - Earth from Above
  2. Rainforest - Garden of Souls Part 1
  3. Rainforest - Lyla & Saleem
  4. Rainforest - Black Ocean Temple
  5. Rainforest - Hostal Alley
  6. Rainforest - Coyoacan
  7. Rainforest - Mothership
  8. Rainforest - Bay Tempo
  9. Rainforest - Arrivals
  10. Rainforest - Silent horizon
  11. Rainforest - Garden of Souls Part 11

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